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Willow Tree Builds Energy Efficient Homes


We just received this email from the proud owner of a recently constructed Willow Tree Home.


Jim and Kerri,

I hope you both are well.

We will be down in South Carolina for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait. Hopefully the weather is good.

I know you built us an energy efficient house but I just had to send you a note to tell you how energy efficient it is. Here are my bills so far:

August: $171

Sept: $67

Oct: $32 (WOW!!!!)

The August bill had about $40 in one time fees. It included the week in July and the week in August we were there. We weren’t there in September or October. We kept the NEST in away mode, so the AC went on and off as needed. Obviously, it was not needed very much.

Please show your future clients this email if they are interested in energy efficiency. The insulation, on demand water, etc., was well worth the expense.


Adrienne Markisz


As a father and Grandfather I know the environment is the legacy we leave our children. Therefore, I work to minimize the impact every home I build will have on the environment.  If you are interested in finding out more about the advantages of green building, please contact me today!








Current Housing Trends Make Finding Your Dream Home Difficult

The housing market is looking good for sellers but not so good for buyers.  In recent months, existing home sales have risen, depleting the huge inventory and the rock bottom deals we had come to expect in the U.S. real estate market.  Sellers are becoming more confident, home sale prices are rising, and choice homes are staying on the market for days rather than months.  Because of this, finding your dream home at a price within your budget is not as easy as it used to be.

Tired of looking?  Don’t settle.  Willow Tree Low Country Homes can design and build the home you’ve always wanted.  With 20 years of building experience in the Hilton Head/ Bluffton area, we have earned the reputation of being our clients’ biggest advocates.  We work hard to give you what you want in your home at the best possible price. We realize that some are intimidated by just the thought of building a new home.  The building process can be an enjoyable experience if you are guided by the right builder.  You CAN have your dream home, and NOW is the time.

Call us today to find out how we can make your dream home a reality.